Best Conference Call Room Setup

How to Set Up a Zoom Conference Room:

When it comes to a Zoom conference, you may have a few options when setting up the room. Whether your conference will be for a single person or a team of many, there are some things that you should consider. For example, the style of the room should be adaptable to your working style. So, read the article to get information on this Best Conference Call Room Setup.

For example, a banquet-style setup will be more conducive to group work and interaction, while a more traditional style of conference room setup may be more appropriate for a one-on-one meeting.

Video Conferencing Equipment:

A Zoom conference room setup is similar to that of a traditional classroom, except it uses video conferencing equipment. The system lets you share your screen with remote participants and connect wirelessly or via a wired connection. It can also connect with other videoconferencing platforms, such as the Polycom and Cisco hardware systems.

For video conferencing, you’ll need a good-quality camera. You can use a USB camera such as the Panacast 180 USB Camera. The Panacast 180 has individual lenses for a high-quality image that allows people in the room to be seen clearly. You’ll also need a TV for the Zoom room. You should also look for one that can integrate with other tools such as screen sharing and Zoom room display.

Mics and speakers are also a vital part of video conferencing. There are various types of microphones available, and the choice of speakers depends on the size of your conference room. For smaller rooms, you can opt for a microphone and a sound bar that fits neatly below the video display. For larger rooms, you can use multiple microphones and speakers, or daisy-chain them to create a larger setup.



Zoom integrates with the technology in your conference room, including the ceiling microphones and speakers. Simply press the green join button on the touch screen, and Zoom will configure the technology for you. You can also use your laptop to handle your personal needs and to share content with the group. Zoom provides a range of useful features that can improve your meetings, from video conferencing to screen sharing.

When setting up a Zoom conference room, you will need to have a high-quality network connection and a wide-angle screen. The screen should be half the length of the room so that everyone in the room can see the video. In addition to video quality, you’ll want to ensure that the audio is clear and free from interruptions. Incorrect audio will impede workflows and frustrate your attendees, so make sure your Zoom conference room setup has good audio quality.


The audio in a Zoom conference room is a critical component of the Zoom Room experience. This is why choosing the right audio solution is crucial. Typical ProAV solutions require professional installation and hours of programming. Zoom Rooms, on the other hand, can benefit from the Stem Audio ecosystem. This solution provides a comprehensive set of audio capabilities that can be customized for any room.

To make sure that your audio is clear and not muffled, you’ll want to place the speakers as close as possible to the screen. This will ensure that everyone’s focus is on the speaker. Because Zoom uses a camera to capture the image of the user, the speakers will appear near the screen.

Mounting height:

The mounting height for the Zoom conference room depends on the size of the conference room and the desired height of the display. Small conference rooms may need smaller displays, while larger boardrooms may require large displays. In either case, make sure the display is 1080p and at least 50 inches tall. This way, participants can see everything clearly without straining their eyes.

The best mounting height for Zoom conference rooms is close to the height of the display. The camera should be placed close to the screen so that participants can see each other through the display. A good mounting height should be between 42 and 52 inches from floor level, according to Dean Wheelan, an application specialist for Middle Atlantic Products.

Control panel:

One of the key parts of the Zoom conference room setup is the Control panel. This panel allows you to control the audio and video for your Zoom meeting room. It also allows you to book rooms using your calendar. But you will need to work with IT support to use the Control panel properly.

Though the Control panel is very user-friendly, it still has its growing pains. The Control panel is a great way to make Zoom meetings easier. With it, you can control audio and video, and even access your calendar and emails.

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