Easy Call

Easy Calling Made Easy With Google Assistant:

Taking a call from a customer can be frustrating. Customers are often unclear with their queries and it may take longer than expected for the Agent to resolve the issue.

Easy Call is one of the best apps that can help you solve this problem. The app provides various calling features that make the experience better for the customer and the Agent alike.

1. Live Caption for Calls:

While the first use cases for captioning may seem obvious (such as a person with hearing-related issues), it’s also handy when you need to call companies to get their store hours or directions. The new addition to Pixel’s Live Caption feature, introduced in March’s Pixel Feature Drop, lets you type your replies during a call rather than verbally saying them.

To enable the feature, tap the caption icon in your volume controls during a phone call. From there, you can toggle it on or off and specify other settings like language, show sound labels, hide profanity, and more. You can also control when you want your Pixel to automatically caption calls by setting it to Always, Never, or Ask Every Time. This option works with a number of apps and services including Olelo, CaptionCall by Sorenson, and others.

2. Hold for Me:

When you call a business that puts your caller on hold, Google Assistant will monitor the phone for you and display automated menu options on the screen to save you time. The feature is activated by tapping a new button that appears on the screen during a call alongside the call-mute and speakerphone buttons.

The feature uses Duplex technology that enables it to recognize and hold music and understand the difference between a recorded message and a live representative on the line. The phone will vibrate and show an on-screen prompt when a rep is ready to answer the call.

To protect user privacy, Google says audio processing is done entirely on the device and doesn’t require a data or Wi-Fi connection. It also isn’t saved to a user account.

3. Call Recording:

For business owners, a call recording app is an essential tool to manage calls. It lets them check on employee performance, protect client information and ensure that employees are following company policies. It also provides valuable perks like analytics and HubSpot CRM integration.


The best recording apps are easy to use and provide reliable, high-quality recordings. They should also be compatible with a wide range of phones and hearing aids. In addition, they should be free to download and install.

For example, Phonak EasyCall works with a variety of cell phones and hearing aids. Its Bluetooth(r) connection and hard case make it an excellent choice for clients who want to keep their existing cell phones and avoid expensive monthly fees. In addition, it lets clients stay on the line without putting their hearing aids on standby mode.

4. Call Forwarding:

Call forwarding helps you stay available to your customers, clients & teammates even when you’re not at your desk. Whether you’re out running errands or working from home, you can forward calls to your mobile phone.

Forwarding is easy to set up. Simply dial *72 from your landline phone and enter the 10-digit number where you want to forward your calls. You’ll hear a confirmation tone once the forwarding is activated. You can also set up conditions for your calls like forwarding when busy or when unanswered to ensure your team doesn’t miss a beat. You can also create a custom away voicemail message for after hours to inform callers that the office is closed or forward calls during shift handovers to your on-call team member.

5. Call Waiting:

Call waiting allows users to hear when a second call is coming in while they are already on one. They can choose to answer the new call, put the current phone on hold, or merge both calls.

Enabling the call waiting feature on an iPhone is as simple as tapping a menu icon (usually three lines or three dots) and then selecting “settings,” “Call accounts,” or “Additional calling features.” This option will either be a radio button, a box to check off, or a toggle switch.


Unlike the traditional busy tone that callers hear when they’re on a phone call, this service allows businesses to record a hold message or custom music that informs customers of how long they may be on hold. This provides transparency to customers and increases customer trust.

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