Verizon Business Tech Support

Verizon Business Tech Support:

Verizon has a wide range of customer support options. They have a myVerizon app, live chat, and forums to help customers with any questions they may have.

However, the company has gotten a reputation for poor customer service. This is especially true when it comes to responding to email inquiries.

TechTeam for Internet:

Get 24/7 live tech support for your business internet-connected devices. Add TechTeam for Internet to your Verizon Fios or Basic Internet bundle and you’ll have the ability to chat, click, or call to talk to an IT expert for help with apps, eligible devices, and private networks.

You’ll also get support for the security of your internet-connected devices. So, including antivirus software and firewall. Plus, you’ll have access to BlueJeans for easy, professional-grade video conference calling, with up to 500 people, on multiple compatible mobile and desktop devices.

The Services are provided by Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless (“Verizon”) or its third-party service providers (the “Service Provider(s)”). These Terms of Service apply to the Services You receive through Your use of the Application.

You can use the Service only with a qualifying Verizon Fios Business Internet plan or Business Unlimited plan and an eligible Verizon Wireless device (eligible smartphone payment purchase, device lease or bring your own device). A service fee applies when you contact the Help Center via the App. This fee is payable to the Service Provider(s) and is not included with your monthly service charge for the Services. The Help Center and the Service Provider(s) cannot repair any hardware or fix problems resulting from software or applications that are not manufactured by Verizon or the Service Provider(s). You are responsible for backing up all of Your software and data, and You understand that the Help Center and/or the Service Provider(s) may not be able to restore any such information or files.

TechTeam for Whole Office:

Unlike other business tech support options, TechTeam for Whole Office and Work-From-Home includes virtually unlimited access to experts 24/7/365. With a one-tap call or chat, employees can connect to an expert in seconds—for virtually all devices in your business, including printers and operating systems. You can also add Mobile Protect to your Verizon business tech support plan for protection for up to 10 eligible lines. Starting at $10/mo, per device plus insurance. Learn more.**


TechTeam is included with Total Wireless Protect Multi-Device (MD) for Business.

TechTeam for Work-From-Home:

Workfromhome solutions that go where your team goes

Create a secure, collaborative work infrastructure that goes wherever your employees do with Verizon remote work solutions. Get solutions that deliver the performance, reliability, and security of enterprise networks to your distributed workforce without compromising productivity or adding stress to IT teams.

Powerful whole office support:

As more workers go remote, it can be a challenge to keep your business running smoothly. TechTeam gives you 24/7 US-based tech support for your entire team, plus tips and advice tailored to your business. You can even add Total Mobile Protection MultiDevice to get device protection for select damaged, lost, or stolen business devices.

Whether your employees work remotely or in the office. They need to be able to connect with customers. Solutions like One Talk allow you to assign a single number that rings multiple compatible phones and desktops. So they can connect with ease. And with the added security of a business-grade video conference tool. So, you can help them collaborate without the worry of unauthorized access.

Premium Technical Support:

We’ll help you get back online quickly when you need us. It’s the digital nightmare: Your laptop freezes during a presentation, and your flat-screen TV stops working right before the big game. Or you can’t connect to your wireless network at home.

It happens to everyone — and it often leaves you frustrated and confused. With TechTeam for Internet, you can call a dedicated number and talk to a live person 24/7 to get help with a variety of computer problems.

So, our advanced technical support service can help you solve problems with spyware, adware, viruses, security settings, hardware, and more. It’s available for Verizon broadband customers at no extra cost.

With premium technical support. You’ll work with a single representative who will know your environment and business goals. Your rep will coordinate with other team members to ensure your issues are addressed and resolved.

You’ll also have a dedicated business champion who can help manage your support experience and provide guidance on technology trends that can affect your infrastructure. They’ll be your point of contact for escalations, hosting case and business reviews, ensuring delivery success, and more. We’ll also offer additional technical expertise and strategic insights. And personalized attention to optimize software configurations, minimize downtime, and fast-track incident resolution. This is the ultimate service for those who want a trusted advisor to guide them through their unique challenges and needs.

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