Best VoIP For International Calls

Best VoIP For International Calls:

Despite the low cost of international calls, users still need to ensure that their internet connection is stable and reliable. This means that a quality internet connection is necessary to avoid dropped calls. In addition, users must have good cellular network coverage to experience good call reception. This is not always possible, so they must be careful when using public networks.



Dialpad is a cloud-based VoIP provider that offers a wide range of features. With Dialpad, businesses no longer need to worry about installing complicated software, managing a phone network, or dealing with IT issues. Additionally, the company offers robust support and a comprehensive online Help Centre. Businesses can also easily port their existing phone number, including freephone numbers, to Dialpad.

The company offers a range of pricing options, including monthly and yearly contracts. Depending on the plan, customers can choose to call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customer support is available online, by phone, and through chat. Dialpad also offers native CRM integrations and end-to-end data encryption.


The Ooma VoIP phone system offers free nationwide calling with crystal-clear audio. It connects to high-speed internet and can be activated online. It also features many features, including caller ID and calls waiting. It’s easy to set up, too. After signing up for a free trial, you can activate your device online to begin making calls.

You’ll find Ooma’s customer support helpful and friendly. Reading through the Quick Start Guide before connecting for the first time is a good idea. You may have to update the software, which usually takes less than five minutes. This update is also automatic and happens periodically.


When it comes to making international calls, Grasshopper VoIP comes with some good features. The service allows you to record a personalized greeting for each person you call, and it offers several useful features that make making calls easier.

Grasshopper has an easy-to-understand menu, with options in multiple languages. It also lets you transfer calls to different numbers without a problem. The service also offers unlimited texting and voicemail-to-text transcription.

If you’re looking to cut costs, Grasshopper offers monthly and annual plans. You can even change the number of international calls that you make each month. It has competitive per-minute rates, and you can set custom business hours and caller ID. You can also set up call blasting, which can reduce call waiting time and boost customer satisfaction.



If you are looking for a VoIP service that gives you international calling options at an affordable price, OpenPhone might be a great option for you. OpenPhone’s pricing plans start at $10 per user per month and go up to $25 per user per month. The Premium plan comes with advanced features such as call transfer and advanced auto attendant. It also supports integrations with HubSpot CRM and analytics.

The cost of using VoIP services for businesses can be as low as $10 per user per month. If you are using your VoIP phone for business purposes, then you can choose from the following plans. The OpenPhone Standard plan costs $10 per user per month and has the most straightforward setup process. An 8×8 entry-level package is also an affordable option.


The Slickcall app makes international calling easy, no matter where you are. You can easily download the app and start making calls right away. You will need to register with your active mobile number, which the app will send to confirm your registration. Once you have registered, you can purchase calling plans. Slickcall will also send you OTPs every time you log in.

Another benefit of Slick call is that there is no international time limit. This means you can talk to anyone you want for as long as possible. This makes it possible to stay in touch with your family for hours without worrying about money. This app offers unlimited calling to 150+ countries.

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