ezTalks Meetings (Online Meeting Scheduler)

ezTalks meetings:

EZTalks Meetings is an online software solution for hosting video meetings and conferences with up to three participants. You can share your desktop, pictures, videos, and other files. High-definition video and audio are supported, but executable files are not supported. Other features include a chat window and private messages for your participants.

You can even record a meeting if you’d like. And with a free trial, you can even try it out free. ezTalks is a hybrid business VoIP solution. That provides organizations across various industry verticals, with functionalities for video conferencing, web conferencing, scheduling online meetings, screen sharing, and more.


Video Conferencing Solution:

EZTalks Meetings is an all-in-one video conferencing solution that integrates a microphone, camera, and speaker. With a 120-degree field of view and dual high-quality microphones on the front, the video conferencing solution can show your team members clearly and easily. Its built-in codec supports up to 25 video feeds and supports dual displays and indoor presentation sharing.

Key Features of ezTalks meetings:

Here below are the key features of ezTalks meetings. So just through these features before using ezTalks meetings.

Free Version:

EZTalks Meetings is a free cloud video conferencing service. It supports up to 100 participants at a time, with a 40-minute meeting duration. It is an excellent choice for businesses and organizations that need to hold a large number of video conferences. Its features are extensive, and there are free and paid plans. The free version offers basic video calling, while the pro and enterprise plans are $12 per month and offer unlimited connections.

Capacity Limit:

While video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings allows you to meet and speak face-to-face, it is possible to use text live chat to send URLs and text privately. Regardless of the number of participants in your meeting, you can always control who can hear you and who cannot. EZTalks Meetings allows you to use another person as the presenter for a meeting, and you can even share files.


If you have ever wanted to schedule recurring meetings on ezTalks, you are in luck. The software allows you to schedule meetings using your email address, phone number, or even Facebook account. With just a few clicks, you can launch a meeting on your preferred date and time. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about setting up a password. All you have to do is enter the meeting number and the participants can start the meeting right away.


Recording EZTalks meetings is possible with the help of the ezTalks meeting recording app. You can download the app for your computer or phone and activate it. After activating your account, prepare a microphone and speaker, then click on the ‘Start Meeting’ button. Once you’ve started a meeting, you can invite other people to attend and record the discussion. Once you’ve finished the meeting, you can save the recordings and invite people again.


Compared to Zoom and other video conferencing tools, ezTalks Meetings provides a more straightforward user interface and excellent video quality. Its low distribution footprint is less impressive than Zoom, but it offers the same features for a more affordable price. It supports up to 100 users in one meeting for up to 40 minutes, and the ability to record and playback your meetings is unlimited. Besides offering excellent video quality, ezTalks Meetings is compatible with both macOS and Android devices.



Whether you are looking for an on-permission solution, a custom video conferencing platform, or a collaboration tool that helps you keep productive, ezTalks Meeting is a great choice. With millions of users worldwide, ezTalks has a solution for your team. This video conferencing tool allows you to share documents and ideas with a diverse audience without compromising quality. To find out more, please visit ezTalks.com.


ezTalks is specialized in providing reliable web conferencing and video conferencing solutions. It offers cloud and on-premise software with powerful features such as HD video/ Audio Chat and, many more. It also offers high-quality video conferencing devices which are integrated with software and deliver the simple and ultimate meeting experience.

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