Call Log App

Call Log Apps:

Call logs are essential for sales teams to track performance and make sure that their calls meet the quality expected. They should include things like caller ID, phone number, date, and time of the call. So, read more to get more information on this Call Log App.

Having a system to record and store all these important details can help you save money, solve customer disputes, and ensure compliance with laws. However, it can be difficult to find one that will suit your business needs.

Call Log Manager Pro:

The call log app for Android and iPhone provides a complete list of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Users can also add and edit notes for each call and share them with colleagues.

The app can be used by anyone who needs to see call history in one place. It’s a good choice for business phone systems or unified communications platforms, as well as employees who work in groups (like salespeople) and need a shared call history.

It’s easy to use and has a range of features that make it ideal for sales teams. For example, salespeople can keep track of their phone calls and messages with custom call alarm settings for urgent, in-progress, or past-due calls.

It can export call logs to Excel files, as well as HTML and PDF files. You can also combine call logs from multiple contacts into one file, which makes it easier to review.

Highster Mobile:

Highster Mobile is an excellent phone spy app designed for parents who want to protect their kids from online predators and cyberbullying. It also works well for employers who want to monitor the working habits of their employees.

Highster is a sophisticated and user-friendly cell phone tracking software with a sleek control panel. You can access all the logs, set up time triggers, display options, and more with just a few clicks of your mouse.

It can also capture photos and videos from the target device. It also records the keystrokes input by the phone user.


Its GPS location is continuously uploaded to a Google Map for you to track your loved ones or employees at any time of day. It also lets you check all text messages and instant messenger chats.

Call Master Key:

Master key systems are a popular security feature for high-security multi-occupation buildings and complexes, such as apartment and office complexes. These systems allow for more secure access control by preventing people from copy-cutting or misusing keys.

Typically, the system is designed around functions, job roles, or areas of the building. This allows the key system to be used to manage the most important assets within a business.

The most important part of a good key management system is the ability to track access levels over time, and how many people have access to an area. This information can help to identify when something has been compromised and can provide valuable insight into potential security risks.

There are several ways to create or manipulate an application key in B2; each of these has its own set of capabilities. One of the best ways is to use b2_create_key to create a key with specific capabilities. Such as a bucket, file prefix, or expiration time.

Call Timer Pro:

Call Timer Pro is a great app that allows you to control the amount of data and calls. That you use on your mobile phone. It also tracks your usage in real-time. So that you can see when you go over your monthly limit and take action to avoid costly overage fees.

So, it also lets you set up alarms that will trigger whenever your plan’s limits are reached. It can even exclude numbers from your list that don’t count toward your monthly limit.

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